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Community Housing in the UK

 Inspired by successful prototype schemes such as LILAC, Lancaster and Springhill, Stroud, many groups of people are coming together to try to form their own communities, getting involved in the design, procurement and building of their homes.

Community housing can include group self builds, cohousing, Community Land Trusts, Coops as well as other entities

CoHo role

Our main services include all elements of advice around developing your own scheme. We are one of the pioneer consultants supporting groups in the UK and we are passionate about helping people to create their own homes!

Our primary role is client Project Management, providing guidance and coordination through the process of developing the scheme from inception to moving in (and beyond!)

We can also provide support on financial viability and business planning for your project.

We can assist in Acquisiton, partnership building (including helping you work with other enitities such as housing associations, developers and councils), and general group support, particularly around project planning and brief building.

Your local Enabler

We work with other partners such as local enabler hubs to provide a full spectrum of support to groups.